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More crazy Talk

As you all know, we have been keeping you up to date on the "adventures" of James Ford, son of Dennis and Diane Rimmer of Radisson, SK., as he battles his mental illnesses.

Almost two months ago, of his own volition, James checked himself into a mental health facility in Saskatoon, SK. After experiencing a variety of medication cocktails, he and his treatment team decided electroconvulsive therapy was to be the next step on his road to recovery.

He has now been released from the hospital. Here is how he worded this news: "Six weeks ago, I was scared, anxious, and severely depressed. I’m now upbeat and confident. A combination of doctors, drugs, and electroconvulsive therapy have saved my life." (See video concerning mental illnesses and shortened life spans)

Jae Ford, as most people know him, will continue received a few more ECT treatments on an out-patient basis. During his time in the hospital, he started a blog that caught fire quicker than bacon grease on a hot griddle.

Here is just one anonymous comment following the news of his departure from the mental health hospital: "Best of everything, Jae – your blog has been enlightening, and so very worthwhile. I suffer from an anxiety disorder – thankfully so far very well-controlled with one medication, the first one I tried. But I know that I was unbelievably lucky to find effective treatment on the first attempt. I have multiple family members with mental illness – seems we are blessed with great genes! It has been not-so-easy for them, and they still struggle to find effective help. I truly believe that only when mental illness is as widely recognized and respected as just as serious an illness as diabetes or cancer will it really be possible for us to get better. It’s people like you who are doing great things in that direction! Keep on writing – and keep on getting better!"

It may not be possible to find "cures" for mental health problems, but we can all work to tear away the remaining stigmas that still surround these crazy problems.

Keep talking that crazy talk. And spread the word. Click on the links below for further insights into these situation. Also, search for "Jae, Interrupted" at wordpress.

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