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More conservatives than liberals in California

Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif.
Gov. Jerry Brown, D-Calif.
Wikimedia Commons

Californians who describe themselves as conservatives outnumber those who refer to themselves as liberals, according to a Gallup poll released Friday.

The percentage of California voters who call themselves conservative equals 30.8 percent, Gallup said, while liberals equal 27.1 percent of the state's voters.

Moderates represent a large swing vote with 37.1 percent of the voter base.

Democrats hold all statewide offices, as well as most state legislative and congressional seats.

Almost half of the state's voters - 49.7 percent - say they are Democrats or lean Democratic, while only 31.8 percent identify themselves as Republicans or leaning Republican.

Republicans have the loyalty of California conservatives, but have lost moderates to the Democratic Party.

President Barack Obama has a higher-than-average approval rate in California, currently estimated to be 55.8 percent. His disapproval rate is 35.1 percent.

Not surprisingly, more Californians consider themselves liberals than do American voters as a whole.

Nationally, 36.8 percent of voters identify themselves as conservatives, 36.6 percent as moderates and 22.2 percent as liberals.

In partisan terms, 44.2 percent of American voters describe themselves as Democrats or leaning Democratic, while 39.1 percent call themselves Republicans or Republican-leaning voters.

The key to success for both parties appears to continue to be neither hard right nor hard left in its outlook, but to tone down ideological rhetoric and policy proposals to attract voters who are not ideologically driven.

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