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More colleges and universities offering zombie courses

Colleges and universities offering zombie courses
Photo by Marco Secchi/Getty Images

Zombies have become integrated into nearly every part of America's culture. Not only are there movies about the undead, but the television show "The Walking Dead" has had amazing success. There are books, comics and even zombie walks in many cities with thousands of participants. Now zombies are entering the classroom with more colleges and universities offering classes on the subject. On Feb. 21, WZZM 13 reported that Central Michigan University will be joining the zombie bandwagon.

Kelly Murphy, a philosophy and religion faculty member at CMU created a zombie course. Students will learn about the ancient apocalyptic biblical texts and how they can be related to the television and movie themes of today.

Murphy uses the theme to study how people respond to a catastrophic event. Viewers of "The Walking Dead" have seen how some people could handle something like a zombie apocalypse. While some would survive, others fall apart. It is also interesting that people who are "good" and "moral" in today's world could turn cold and evil when disaster strikes. Fans saw this with Shane on the hit television series. On the other side of the coin, apocalyptic situations can also turn someone who is weak into a leader with incredible emotional strength.

CMU is not the only university to offer some kind of zombie course. reported in November that Monmouth University was offering a zombie class. The University of Baltimore and Columbia College in Chicago also have zombie courses. Michigan State University had a class on how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Students were put into groups in a simulated zombie attack. The University of California at Irvine even has an online course on the living dead.

This is only the beginning. As zombies become more popular and as long as people remain interested, more schools will offer zombie courses.

What do you think about zombie courses being offered at colleges and universities across the country?

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