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More characters revealed for ‘Minecraft’s’ first DLC on Xbox One

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4J Studios is currently working on Skin Pack 6 for Minecraft which will release exclusively on Xbox 360 as well as the upcoming Xbox One edition of the game. The new DLC has been confirmed to include a wide assortment of new avatar skins for the sandbox creation title that feature characters from various popular video game franchises. Adding to that list of characters, the developer announced on June 20 that skins based on Xbox Live’s Super Time Force will also be included as part of the upcoming add-on.

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Skin Pack 6 will feature half a dozen new avatar options inspired by characters from Super Time Force. Fans will be able to play the block-filled game with new avatar skins representing Jef Leppard, Aimy McKillin, Jean Rambois, Shieldy Blockerson, Commander Repeatski, and Zackasaurus, The newly announced additions to Minecraft’s next skin pack DLC will be joined by characters from other video game series such as Killer Instinct, State of Decay, Trials Fusion, and Mirror’s Edge: Faith.

The fact that many of these titles appear only on Microsoft consoles helps explain why Skin Pack 6 will be available exclusively on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions of Minecraft. For instance, Killer Instinct is a free-to-play fighting game that is only available on Xbox One. Along the same lines, Undead Labs’ zombie survival game, State of Decay, is published by Microsoft Studios which makes the title an Xbox console exclusive.

Minecraft skin packs allow console players to alter the appearance of the title’s avatars. Since the home platforms can’t be modded like PC games, these add-ons are the only way for fans to change their skins. While it was confirmed that all texture pack DLCs from the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft will be available on Xbox One, Mojang has stated that some of the other DLC featuring licensed game characters won’t be transferable due to existing legal agreements. Thankfully, Skin Pack 6 has already been confirmed to release on the upcoming Xbox One version of the game.

The new Microsoft-exclusive skin pack DLC has not yet been given a release date but the add-on is expected to be out in time for the launch of the game’s Xbox One release in August. 4J Studios is also currently developing versions of Minecraft for the PS4 and PS Vita that will release at the same time as the Xbox One edition.