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More cat mutilations discovered in Universal City: History repeating itself

Is there another deranged animal torturer in this quiet city? Two more cats have been found mutilated.
Universal City FB

In the northeast suburb of San Antonio, two cats were mutilated as authorities reported finding their decapitated bodies on neighborhood lawns reported

Universal City Police Department officials are extremely concerned that the deviant behavior could escalate with Lt. Fernando Parra stating:

"I would almost go so far to say that someone is getting pleasure out of doing this...It doesn't seem to be animal related. It appears to be done on purpose by a person."

According to, one of the cats was owned by Anthony Schneider. He discovered his black and white cat's mutilated body on his front lawn early Monday morning. The family is hoping their security camera will capture a glimpse of the person involved in torturing 12-year-old Oliver. The family has no idea who could have done such a heinous act of animal cruelty against their friendly pet.

As to history repeating itself, in 2010 a macabre series of cat tortures created national attention after the bodies of three tabby cats were found near the San Antonio Cibolo Creek Trails. The bodies of the cats had been duct taped to a piece of plywood in the shape of a triangle; their throats had been slit and their bodies disemboweled.

Austin George Patterson, 25, was sentenced to eight years in prison for the heinous crime; admitting that he and a co-defendant Jordan Mitchell found the cats on Craigslist. Another cat was soaked with gasoline and set on fire.

Anthony Schneider warns all cat owners to make sure they watch their cats very carefully and not allow their cats outdoors to roam.

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