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More casting news for Gotham.

Fox's upcoming tv show "Gotham" is picking up some big name stars. Ben McKenize, Robin Lord Taylor, Sean Pertwee, Zabryna Guevara, and Erin Richards are all on the cast. Now Jada Pinkett Smith has been added.
Mrs. Pinkett Smith is best known for her role as Niobe in The Matrix movies. She is the wife of Will Smith and mother to those two kids that act way to old and try to act and sing. Maybe the fruit fell far away from the tree.
Jada has been cast of Fish Mooney. A sadistic gangster boss and nightclub owner. Mooney has the ability to read people like an open book and is not the one to mess with. It will be intersecting to see Pinkett play such a hard villain, being with her past of good guy roles and comedies.
Along with Jada being cast as Fish Mooney, Donal Logue has been cast as Harvey Bullock a detective with Gotham City Police. You'll known Donal as the dad on "Grounded For Life" and most recently as Lee Toric on "Sons of Anarchy".
We are yet to hear who will be cast as the young Bruce Wayne. We do know they are looking for young boys with this description,
"11, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dark haired, handsome, soulful, wise, strong willed. A kid with tragic gravitas…SERIES REGULAR".
What do you think of the casting choices for "Gotham"? Who do you think should be cast has the young Bruce?

Jada Pinkett Smith and Donal Logue.
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