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More cases of pets getting high

Vets are seeing more cases of animals ingesting marijuana.
Vets are seeing more cases of animals ingesting marijuana.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Some veterinarians in Scottsdale, Ariz, are asking pet owners to watch their pets carefully around marijuana lately. This is because, according to which was reported on April 12, pets are ingesting more and more marijuana and getting high. The vets are saying that more pet owners are bringing their pets in to seek treatment for them because they are ingesting pot and becoming sedated and stupid from it.

According to Dr. Griswold from the Emergency Animal Clinic in North Scottsdale, the amount of pets being brought in from eating pot over the last few years have actually doubled. This is very alarming.

What is more alarming is the amount of pets coming in to the different clinics the Emergency Animal Clinic owns. This clinic itself owns 5 clinics altogether and they are reporting more than 24 animals being brought in for eating pot every single month.

However, also according to Dr. Griswold, pet owners should be even more worried if their pets actually get into synthetic marijuana because it is even more dangerous to them. He stated that the clinics have seen a few deaths of pets caused by synthetic marijuana. This type of marijuana actually has more serious side effects and consists of a longer treatment period for them.

The vets are saying that there are already more pets being treated for consuming weed this year than in 2013 already.

Also, according to The Phoenix New Times Blog which was reported on April 11, Scottsdale isn't the only area seeing so many pets brought in for eating weed. Phoenix animal hospitals are reporting the same thing.

According to the Phoenix Animal Hospital, it was reported that they had an average of 6 cases per month of pets ingesting weed in 2012, almost a dozen per month in 2013, and double at almost two dozen per month this year already.

The increase of pets ingesting marijuana and getting high started when the state of Arizona legalized medical marijuana and opened up the medical marijuana dispensaries throughout the area. It was reported that the pets are getting high by eating the dried plant, inhaling the smoke from it, and even eating food that includes pot in it.


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