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More Canadians are considering dropping cable TV for Internet streaming

Are you cutting the cable chord, stacking up your chords or completely heading to the Internet for your entertainment viewing? If you’re a Canadian then you may be one of the one in seven to consider dropping your television subscription all together and instead streaming content online.

A new survey by Media Technology Monitor (MTM) found that a growing number of Canadian consumers are seriously thinking about dropping their cable TV packages in favor of more advanced viewing capabilities, such as signing up for 24/7 online streaming websites like NetFlix or the WWE Network.

Youth are leading the pack, though. The annual telephone study discovered that Generation Xers (ages 33 to 47) are more likely to make the switch, which is believed to be important data considering that advertisers target this age demographic the most. The next most likely group to make such a switch is the Generation Yers (ages 25 to 33).

In addition to these results, 40 percent of Canadians are streaming content to their phones, which is more than double from a year ago.

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