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More business losses due to the Minnesota government shutdown

Mai Village Restaurant- seeing losses with government shut down
Mai Village Restaurant- seeing losses with government shut down
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We have now entered into the 11th day of the Minnesota government shutdown and many are starting to feel the pressure from the loss of jobs. As many know the government shutdown is not just having an effect government workers and government operations. Local businesses like downtown restaurants, and even Minnesota’s gambling business is seeing effects-see article here. Let’s take a look at what other businesses the shutdown is effecting.

Canterbury Horse Track losses

The Minnesota State Lottery is not the only gambling business being hit by the government shutdown. Canterbury Park- the popular horse racing destination in Shakopee, Minn. since the Minnesota Racing Commission has been deemed a non-essential government run business and has been closed. The race park is not a publicly owned business that has lost an estimated $2 million during the first 10 days of the shut-down. See more at TCBMag. Another horse racing track, Running Aces, has also been shut down. This location had to let go – temporarily - 600 employees. But if the shutdown continues a loss of revenue could possibly make some of those job losses permanent.

St. Paul restaurants losing government business

Many St. Paul restaurants are usual lunch destinations for many government workers in downtown St. Paul, Minn. When the government shut down on the July 1, a significant amount some, 3,000 possible “usual” customers, in St. Paul alone, have stopped making their lunch trips due to the work at the government shutting down. For example Mai Village, a restaurant in downtown St. Paul, has seen a drop in customers. Around a 100 lunch customers a day-

These are just a few examples of businesses seeing a large loss in profits because of the government shutdown. The shutdown is not just affecting government business but is now seeping over to businesses operating with indirect contact with the government. Businesses like restaurants and local retailers that see traffic from government workers though out the day, who are now without a job for the foreseeable future. If you dig deeper into the fray the losses grow even larger through government contract work being postponed or canceled.


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