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More books on writing books

Jessica Hastings

Roy Burkhead said: “To become the best possible writer, one must keep learning and building up networks, which is why the publication and the mentors are so important.” and to give you another quote, this one from Will Rogers: “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people”

Reading is important, especially to writers. We revolve around the written word. Literary prose is the essence of what we are, so from the words we seek to create we must also learn. Jordan Williams said: “That's a good thing. I read a lot. Reading's important so you could get smarter and learn more words that you didn't know before.” Yesterday we looked at five random books that have been known to encourage many a writer, but those five are not the only books available for writers who want to learn about writing.

Now that I have some people backing up my way of thinking, here are some more books written about writing books. If you catch my drift.

Books on Writing Books

  1. “How to Write a Damn Good Novel” by James N. Frey - I could no better explain this book’s worth than Irma Ruth Walker; author of Air Force Wives: “At Last! A dang good book about writing a novel. Practical, down to earth, easily assimilated advice, presented with humor and authority. This book is my hands-down choice for my own personal reference collection.”
  2. “Writing Down the Bones (Freeing the Writer Within)” by Natalie Goldberg - As this title suggests, this book helps to free the writer within you. After years of studying the mind, Goldberg applies what she has learned to writing and has such as figured a way for writer’s to tap into that elusive Zen mojo zone. there is a writer within us all that is straining to break free and unleash great literary works upon the world, learn how to let him out.
  3. “Writer’s Market” by Writer’s Digest Books - If you want to become a sold writer, than you need this book, plain and simple. This book comes out annually and contains the latest on publishers and agents of every genre; what they are looking for, if they are taking manuscripts (both unsolicited and through an agent) and more. Some people don’t realize that the beginning pages of this book are wrought with quips, tips and advice; on everything from writing to formatting your manuscript.

For more books on writing books, click here - and look forward to more coming soon. All of these books are available in Louisville bookstores. Try Half Price Books on Hurstbourne Pkwy or Westport Rd for cheaper choices.



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