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More books coming to a theatre near you..

The Blind Side has been adaptaed as a film starring Sandra Bullock.
The Blind Side has been adaptaed as a film starring Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock's newest box office blockbuster, "The Blind-Side" made almost as much money as tween sensation "New Moon" (the second movie adaptation of the Twilight series -- do you see a pattern developing, yet? Books are doing big box office business at the movies right now. But if you only see the movie, you're missing so much of the fun.

That is especially true in the case of "The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game" written by Michael Lewis. He is one of my favorite authors having penned two of my all-time favorite reads -- "Moneyball" and "Liar's Poker." Lewis knows how to tell an engrossing story. His books are also well-researched and thought-provoking. By the time I was done reading "The Blind-Side" I felt like an expert on the modern history of professional football strategy. No kidding!

"The Blind Side" tells the story of real-life Cinderella Michael Oher. A man who grew up in the poorest part of Memphis, only to be adopted by a rich white Christian conservative family. I fell madly in love with Oher -- for his ability to rise above his circumstances. And with his adoptive mom, Leigh Ann Tuohy -- who I wish would give me some lessons in having enough self-confidence to ALWAYS get what she wants.

As long as we're on the subject of books that've been adapted as movies, I recommend you read "Push" by Sapphire -- and not the movie novelization of "Precious." It's a tough, but emotionally poignant read. And Julia Powell has released a follow-up to "Julie & Julia" -- a blog-to-book-to-screen sensation that brought us two of the best film performance of the summer when Nora Ephron put Jane Lynch on screen next to Meryl Streep. I am counting the days until the movie is released on DVD. Unfortunately, Julia Powell's second book --"Cleaving" -- only makes the reader aware that the best part of her first book was Julia Child. Powell's love life and butchering animals provides no entertainment value for me at all. But thank you!


  • Linda 5 years ago

    Don't miss the book launch of the new thriller Dead Air 5pm sat Dec 5th at Mystery Book Store on Broxton.