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More 'Batman Arkham Knight' returning characters and new debut leaked

'Batman Arkham Knight' Batmobile
'Batman Arkham Knight' Batmobile
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

More characters may have been leaked for "Batman Arkham Knight." According to a report from Gameranx on May 4, a few more potential antagonists have appeared on IMDB profiles. Some of the individuals will be making their returns from previous installments of the action-adventure gaming series.

The lone exception is Killer Moth. In the comic book, the villain sees himself as the opposite of Batman. As a result, he has somewhat similar gadgets and even a hidden clave. The character was referenced in "Batman Arkham Asylum" and "Batman Arkham City" although he was presumed to have died before the start of the trilogy.

The other potential leaked characters include Bane, Deadshot and Poison Ivy. All three characters have appeared in the earlier titles of the "Batman Arkham" series. So their appearances in "Batman Arkham Knight" should not be surprising. Along with the aforesaid villains, Man-Bat is also rumored to going after Batman.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has already confirmed the first few antagonists during the reveal trailer. Harley Quinn, Penguin, Scarecrow and Two-Face can be seen in the debut video teaming up against the main character in an attack on Gotham City. With E3 2014 coming up next month, the publisher should be able to share more details on the upcoming multiplatform video game.

To fight off an abundance of villains, Batman has several new toys to play with. He can now drive the Batmobile to ward off enemies with non-lethal attacks as well as providing a more convenient transportation method. Some of the gadgets, including the Batarang, can also be used while gliding around the city.

The official release window for "Batman Arkham Knight" is set for later this fall on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The software product won't be released on any other platforms due to the technical demand. A screen showing off one of the abilities of the Batmobile from the official Facebook page of the series can be viewed with the image attached near the top of this article.

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