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More 'Batman Arkham Knight' playable characters discussed for PS4 and Xbox One

'Batman Arkham Knight'
'Batman Arkham Knight'
Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, used with permission

Rocksteady Studios recently talked about the potential of more playable characters in the upcoming "Batman Arkham Knight" video game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. According to a report from Gameranx on June 28, a representative from the development team was asked if one of the villains will be completely playable in the game (not just in small sections such as the Joker DLC missions in "Batman Arkham Asylum" title). He responded by saying that players can only control Batman.

He explained that switching from one character to the next will take the user away from the immersion of the campaign. "Batman Arkham Knight" is built around the superhero as the player can not kill his enemies. Furthermore, the video game is expected to make heavy use the of Batmobile in order to attack the opposition as well as maneuver around the open-world setting of Gotham City. Along with the Joker DLC from "Batman Arkham Asylum," players also previously got to control Catwoman and Robin in "Batman Arkham City."

The development team is upgrading Batman with several new abilities. In combat, Batman has some new moves to dispose of enemies, including using the environmental hazards as well as the aforesaid Batmobile. He can also travel around the city much faster as some of the tools are useable while he is gliding in the air. The new moves should add more depth to the next-generation action-adventure video game.

"Batman Arkham Knight" is only coming to the PC platform as well as the PS4 and Xbox One consoles when it launches in 2015 as the other systems are not powerful enough to handle the software product. The upcoming title will be the last in the series to be developed by Rocksteady Studios as the development team is moving to another project. A screen from the newest release of the "Batman Arkham" series from the official Facebook page of the video game can be seen near the top side of this article.