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More Barn Quilts are popping up in Green County!

Located on Highway 81 between Monroe and Argyle
Located on Highway 81 between Monroe and Argyle
Lori VanNatta

You may recall, Day Trip Examiner wrote about the Green County Barn Quilts several months ago. Since then, organizers have put up nearly forty new squares, announcing this week that there are now one hundred barn quilts in Green County.

Check out those articles: See the barn quilts of Green County and Enjoy the barn quilts of Green County - Part II and The rural beauty of quilts and barns. Make sure you take the time to check out the slideshows for pictures of all the barns and quilt squares.

Today be prepared to see nine delightful barn quilts on eight stops as you wind your way through southern Wisconsin's most stunning scenery. Why not stop in Monroe first to do a bit of shopping around the historic courthouse square or the Swiss Colony Outlet stores before heading out?

Leaving Monroe on Highway 81 to the west, just out of the city on the right is the Pleasant View complex, which was once the county farm. A Whirligig block painted white, forest green, navy and dark red is mounted on the barn.

Less than a mile to the west of Pleasant View, turn left onto Joy-Del Road ahead on the left is a small barn; formerly a dairy barn, which is now used for storage and calves. The green, gold and burgundy Centennial quilt square is on one end of the small structure facing the road and a holstein cow is on the other end.

A short distance ahead turn left on County Y continuing until you see the David & Marcia Wald farm on the right with the traditional Dove at my Door quilt square in black on white adorning the red barn.

After the Wald farm, continue on County Y to the west for several miles at County M turn left and then at Smock Valley Road turn left again. Relax and enjoy the scenery for a few miles, shortly after Smock Valley Road makes a ninety degree turn to the right is a white barn on the right with the quilt square Palace Star. The square is done in light blue, gold, kelly green and orange and is quite different from many of the squares because it does not have a white background.

At this point, it is best to backtrack on Smock Valley Road to Ridge Road turning right onto Ridge Road until you reach the farm of John and Joan Salesman at N3564 Ridge Road where the beautiful harvest themed square, Cornucopia is painted in orange, gold and two tones of brown and hung on a white modern looking pole building. A lover of Autumn in Wisconsin, this square is one Day Trip Examiner especially likes although with one-hundred of them, she has not yet chosen a favorite!

After the Salesman farm, head back on Ridge Road, turning right onto County Y until you reach County M and turn left. A short distance ahead on the left you will have the thrill of seeing two beautiful quilt squares on a gorgeous old white barn. The barn owned by Lauren Meinert has two Carpenter's Cross quilt squares one painted black, white and red and the other painted black, white and orange. The large barn is about one-hundred-forty years old and stands as testimony to the quality construction of a structure of that era. A lover of old barns, this is Day Trip Examiner's favorite barn in the Barn Quilt program to date!

Down County M, you will reconnect with Highway 81. Turn left, heading toward Argyle and on the left is the “Toy Train Barn” owned by Buck and Jan Guthrie. The orange barn is decorated with the aptly named Santa Fe quilt square painted in green, orange, yellow and white and standing on point between three windows in the old barn. Inside the Toy Train Barn, you can check out several models and layouts of toy trains.

Back on Highway 81, continue toward Argyle turning right onto County C and following it to Biggs Road, turning right onto Biggs Road. Just up the road a short distance on the left is a white barn owned by Craig and Sharon Ackerman with a gorgeous Turkey Tracks square painted in festive orange, gold and navy.

If you are ready for a bite to eat or want to see a few more historic sites, consider taking Biggs Road back to County C and into Argyle. Check back with Day Trip Examiner to check out some ideas for things to do in the charming village of Argyle.


  • Billie 4 years ago

    Don't you just love the names of these quilt? Wow! 100 quilts....that's amazing! I had no idea there were that many out. Very interesting article.

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