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More animal cruelty charges for beleaguered RRR Service Dogs rescue

Does anyone recognize me? Help me find my way home.
Does anyone recognize me? Help me find my way home.
RRR Service and Rescue Dog Scam Facebook

Last week the Montgomery County Animal Control charged RRR Service Dogs' owner Nicole Hulbig with four counts of aggravated animal cruelty; this week Sumner County, Tenn. authorities have charged her with eight counts of animal cruelty reports the Leaf Chronicle.

Four dead puppies were discovered in the garage of the rented home on North Henderson Way in Clarksville where Nicole and her estranged husband Eric lived. Authorities stated the home was full of dog feces and trash and had thousands of dollars worth of damages. Nicole told Animal Control she had moved to Cottontown months ago when she and Eric separated. Eric claims he has no idea why dead puppies were even in his garage.

Acting on a tip from Montgomery County Animal Control, and people who have been searching for their dogs, authorities investigated the home of Hulbig's mother where Nicole had been living and claims to be on bed rest because of a high risk pregnancy. And in the barn, authorities made more grisly discoveries. Deputies from the Sumner County Sheriff's Office Animal Control Division, found 37 garbage bags of decomposed animal parts; authorities can not tell how long the animals have been dead nor why or how they died.

In addition, 37 live dogs were found living in stalls in the barn according to the Authorities could find no food or water left for some of the dogs; eight dogs were emaciated which led to the animal cruelty charges against Nicole.

The mother has not been charged.

Nicole claimed the dogs died several months ago from a distemper outbreak. Veterinarian records prove one of her dogs had been treated for the virulent and highly contagious virus.

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RRR Service Dogs claims to rescue dogs and pairs them with disabled children and veterans. A Facebook page RRR Service Dog and Rescue Scam has many people desperately trying to find their dogs. Some of the dogs have been reunited with their families, but so many more owners are pleading for information about their pets.

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