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More Albuquerque pre-Halloween activities this week


Splat is a Halloween take on the traditional pub quiz

Read Part 1, 10 great pre-Halloween activities this week to find out what else I've recommended around Albuquerque.

Ahh, Halloween week. I love it. The trees are tingling as their leaves fall solemnly to the ground. Children are preparing their costumes in eager anticipation of a candy-filled evening. The air is positively spooky with ghoulish goodness. And there are plenty of great events going on around the Duke City to ring in the witching hour.

The people over at Duke City Fix are wonderful. They seek out just about every cool thing going on around the 'Burque and don't hesitate to let us know about it. And this week is no exception. Community member Paul has organized this great ghost storytelling event at Winning Coffee House, which does this really cool thing with integrating theater and the community by holding these types of events more often than not. The event is actual an open ghost story share, where anyone can drop in and tell a ghoulish tale or personal experience with the paranormal. So drop in tomorrow night, Wednesday October 28 at 7:00 PM to find out if the dead really do still walk.

Thursday night, the guys at Geeks Who Drink are taking their multi-weekly pub quiz to the next level with Splat: A Pub Quiz of Horror. Now, if you've never attended a pub quiz before, they are basically just a trivia quiz where drinkers gang together in teams by table and answer questions to get free booze. Great idea, right? Splat is apparently a Halloween take on the idea, with only horror-related trivia about slasher films, creepy crawlies and classic occult stuff. All in good fun, of course.They're asking everyone to dress as something horror-related to get into the spirit of things. Thursday October 29 at Coaches Sports Grill on Central, 8:30 PM.

Happy Haunting!


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