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More aftershocks hit this morning in the Northern California area

All the emphasis was on Napa being hit by the 6.0 earthquake, but other communities in the area were hit too: Vallejo, Mare Island, and several of the well known wineries were hit hard.

It was estimated that the damages in Vallejo could go over several millions of dollars: chimneys crumbled down; store windows were broken; items were thrown on the floor and were broken; roads in the area buckled; evacuation from homes that were deemed not safe; and a church was tagged as being unsafe.

Mare Island historical buildings were damaged and fires had to be put out, water mains were disrupted and could not be used, and almost a whole block had to be caution with yellow tape,

Wineries were cleaning up wine bottles that fell into the aisles and broke. Expensive bottles of wine could not be saved and had to be destroyed--bottles were crack; wine barrels were damaged, and wine was leaking out; which made the floor look like a red carpet with a very strong sour type of smell.

Several people who were at one of the damaged wineries claimed that they have a new ice type of challenge that the damaged wine could be used for--it's called The Ice Wine Challenge.

Several strong after shocks were felt this morning: 5:33 3.9; 5:35 2.7; 6:11 2.8; 6:45 3.0; 10:55 2.5: they shook the area and woke-up many sleeping people.

Several people asked, in a joking manner: "Is nature punishing us for something?"

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