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More about stress

Stress. Every single person experiences stress. It is felt in the form of tension, emotional overload, or physical and /or psychological illnesses.

Stress is a major contributor to health problems such as heart attacks, high Blood Pressure, and ulcers to name a few. In fact, the majority of physical illnesses result, in some part, from an accumulation of stress, but it is toxic stress.

Stress is to be welcomed and embraced. A positive outlook on it is a plus. Toxic stress is the culprit. This is the anxiety laden tension, the overload. But toxic stress gives us important warnings, messages and feedback on how we are leading our lives. It is a barometer of sorts.

The feedback of toxic stress includes headaches, indigestion, sleep disturbances, tiredness, pain in neck and spine, and ringing in the ears. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the feedback from toxic stress.

When we are suffering from increased stress, it shows up in our behavior. We smoke too much, abuse alcohol, overeat and eat the wrong things, get irritable, and are critical of others and ourselves.

Yet there is something we can do when overstressed. We can choose a pro active response. We can choose to change our perception of the problem, or change the perception of ourselves. For example, if you change your perception to say it is not as terrible an experiences as first envisioned, you effectively reduce the stress. If you perceive yourself as confidant and able to handle the event or situation, the stressor is not perceived as so threatening.

There are ways to empower ourselves, to change our perception of a threat as dangerous to that of an opportunity. We do this by means of characteristics such as control, challenge and commitment. Each of these characteristics gives us a means of reducing stress and carrying on.

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