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More "8 for 8" videos supporting Colorado film incentives

The official "8 for 8" CINEMA Day website is up, where viewers can see all of the spots promoting support for the film incentives rally at the capital building on Feb. 8th. A new video will be released at 6pm every day leading up to the rally.

Yesterday's video, the fourth in the series, features the voice talent of local actor Arthur Martinez, and cites specific examples of film and commercial productions that have benefited the economies of Colorado communities other than just the front range.

The site's founder, James Drake, writes, "We hope that you will use these videos as conversation pieces and promotional media to bring a tremendous turnout on February 8th." Post them to facebook, send links to friends, and anything else you can think of to bring more people to the rally.

And in case you're wondering, CINEMA stands for Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment, Media and Arts. The videos have been put together solely through volunteer efforts from start to finish. All of the professionals who have worked on them, including myself, have gladly donated their services because they are dedicated to improving the state of the film industry here in Colorado.


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