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Morbidly obese man finds love

Paul Mason finds love
Paul Mason finds love
Ardti Gashi / YouTube screenshot

Paul Mason was labeled the heaviest man in the world but that didn’t stop him from finding love. Mason weighed 980 lbs. at his heaviest but plans on losing the excess pounds to walk down the aisle in marriage with Rebecca Mountain instead of using his wheelchair.

Currently, he weighs 308 pounds.

Featured on The View recently, he has gained fame for his health struggles caused by obesity which didn’t stop him from finding that special person. The message from his story is that even love can come for those who feel they are ‘unlovable.’

Mason and Mountain met online and she fell in love with him knowing of his obesity plight.

Watch Mountain explain her love for Mason

Various individuals believe they are destined to be alone if they are overweight or have other health concerns. That belief subtly permeates into their social life, which in turn, hinders their chances on finding a partner. It is akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

People fail to realize that attraction is a feeling, not a sight.

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