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Moral compass inside Barnes and Noble

A compass
A compass

I am a firm believer in the attitude that the choices you make in day to day life has a direct connection to your personal moral conviction. Each person has their own moral compass that guides them on their own personal path. Each reader of this article has a different line that they are not willing to cross: ie someone believes that it is acceptable to tell a white lie to a significant other, while another does not. Just like some person believes it is acceptable to leave an apple core, a pornographic magazine, a stack of religious fiction, or an obviously read romance novel in the middle of a Barnes and Noble.

It’s true, that as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble I have willingly set myself up to be a servant to hungry book seekers in the Milwaukee area. Most days I gladly take up this call, but some days I leave work wondering about the collective moral compass of the customers I serve. While working at the bookstore I have witnessed each of the aforementioned things discarded for the booksellers to clean up after. It amazes me that someone can: gather a stack of reading material, spend an hour sifting through it, and then get up from that spot without a second thought. What is perhaps more amazing is that this happens each day.

The point I am making here is that on your own path please be aware of the consequences of your actions. Next time you are in a retail store, and take something you are decide not to purchase, hand it off to an employee (or better yet, put it back in its place) instead of dumping it on the ground. Let your moral compass be your guide, even if it points a bit closer to the South; think: would you like to pick up an apple core off the ground or would you like your children seeing a pornographic magazine laying out on the table or do you think leaving a religious book out is reflecting well upon yourself and your ideals or do you think it’s acceptable to read a romance book and ruin it for the next person who would be willing to purchase it?