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Moose shot inside Swedish high school

Mölndal as it appeared in 1870
Mölndal as it appeared in 1870
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Swedish authorities reported a shooting at a high school in the western coast city of Mölndal on Monday. However, this time the victim turned out to be a young moose that jumped through a window, terrifying the teacher of a handicraft class and a dozen or so of her students. None of the humans were hurt, although the moose was wounded by the broken class and had to be shot after it became panicked and could not find its way back out of the building. According to Thomas Fuxborg, spokesman for the nearby Goteborg police department, officers had to break another window to let the teacher and children escape before killing the animal.

A city of approximately 40,000 people, Mölndal is known as a center for biomedicine, biotechnological and pharmaceuticaul research, oncluding the home to one of AstraZeneca global facilities with more than 3,100 employees, as well as two of Sweden’s national research institutes, IFP SICOMP AB and IVF Industrial Research and Development Corporation. In addition, its location near Chakmers University of Technology and Göteborg University have also made it a center for the development of microwave and information technologies.
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