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'Moonshiners' Tim Smith sells Climax Moonshine in Virginia

Tim Smith
Tim Smith
Discovery Channel

Tim Smith has finally done it. According to the Fredericksburg star, he can now make and sell his moonshine in his home state of Virginia. He partnered with Chuck Miller, the owner of Belmont Farm Distillery in Culpeper. The distillery will use Tim’s moonshine recipe to distill his product using their old antique equipment for legal distribution. Beginning on July 1, 2014 Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine will sell legally in Virginia's liqueur stores.

Chuck Miller told Fredericksburg Star, “Tim Smith has always wanted to go legal and we finally got it done and are going to make Tim Smith Climax Moonshine right here in Virginia.”

Tim reports that he’s always looked up to Chuck because “He sort of broke the ice with the state and federal government.” In 1987, Chuck was the first US person granted to make and distribute moonshine, legally. Tim and Chuck share a love for the art of making quality moonshine and selling it.

Tim Smith, star of Discovery’s “Moonshiners” met Chuck 14 years ago and they became instant friends. Tim explains the reason why they probably hit it off so well is because, “All of these other business people that I deal with don’t really know the backwoods concept and my kind of vision. They are just about numbers. Me and Chuck, we sweat together. We know how to go out there and work and make it happen. We are not all about the numbers.”

Tim is the fire chief in Climax, where he’s been a volunteer for 15 years. He will donate $1 to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for every case of Climax Moonshine sold. Firefighting is important to Tim. His house caught fire on Christmas day when he was little and that is one reason why he became a volunteer.

If you want to meet Tim, the Belmont Farm Distillery is having a Meet and Greet on July 5. The fun starts at 10 a.m. and lasts until 4 p.m. Not only can you meet Tim, you can buy a bottle of his Climax Moonshine and he will autograph it for you. According to Tim, there will be a huge celebration. They plan to have a barbecue, bluegrass music, a small air show featuring parachute jumpers and helicopters. And perhaps the best part of the celebration is the samples of moonshine you will get.

According to Tim, “You’re going to be able to sample, drink, taste and go home happy.”

The Belmont Farm Distillery is located at 13490 Cedar Run Rd. in Culpeper, Virginia. The label of Chuck's moonshine is Kopper Kettle Whiskey. He sells his whiskey plain or flavored. Recently he added two new flavors to his White Lightning Whiskey. You can choose between cherry and apple pie flavor.

The show "Moonshiners" is filming Tim's journey on the legal side of selling moonshine. They plan to show many scenes at the Belmont Farm Distillery when the new season starts in October. Tim's Climax moonshine is also made at the Asheville Distillery in Asheville, N.C., and Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky.

Have you tried moonshine? Which flavor do you like best?

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