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Moondance Jam plays fans the perfect soundtrack for summer

Moondance Jam 23 Performers
Moondance Jam 23 Performers
Shannon Northbird

Moondance Jam in Walker Minnesota brought in one of the most anticipated tours of the summer on July 18. The tour featuring Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder formerly of the Eagles completely owned the night! The tour dubbed “The Soundtrack of Summer” was easily the big highlight for this year’s festival.

Starting things out were the 80’s big hairband, Autograph. Perhaps the only major hit they had was the iconic anthem, “Turn Up the Radio” to which the crowd went crazy, there wasn’t a single hand that wasn’t first pumping during that performance. Following Autograph were heavy Christian rock hitters Skillet.

As for how the group got their name, lead singer John Cooper recalls that it resulted from being involved in several bands at the time and each brought their own style of music so it was like they were all mixed together in one big skillet. Their set was very theatrical with a great mix of music, and the crowd absolutely loved it.

Next up would be the legendary Don Felder who was once part of one of the greatest bands in history, The Eagles. Having Felder at the festival was just like having the Eagles there, the only thing that really was missing were those amazing harmonies they are so well known for. Felder went through quite a few of the group’s earlier hits like “Life in the Fast Lane,” “Hotel California,” “Heartache Tonight” and “Already Gone.” Felder even threw in his very own “Heavy Metal” as well. Felder quipped how he just loves coming to Moondance, and you can certainly tell that by his amazing performance.

Foreigner would have a tough act to follow, but perhaps the biggest highlight of their set, aside from lead singer Kelly Hansen parading all over the stage jumping up and down and doing kicks, was the local Walker High School Choir who were invited on stage for a stunning performance of “I Wanna Know What Love Is.” The choir were backstage rehearsing earlier in the day and looks like all the hard work paid off, they sounded great with the band on stage.

Closing out the night were headliners Styx who are well known for a colorful stage presentation and they certainly did not disappoint. Their vocals were tight and music never sounded better. Every arm could be seen waving and everyone on fairgrounds singing the words back to the band as the group performed “Sailing” it was an incredible sight to see to say the least.
Styx wrapped up their show with a surprise confetti cannon that appeared to even shake security in front of the stage momentarily.

Moondance wraps up this big party tomorrow with Slaughter, Badfinger, The Wallflowers, George Thorogood and the Destoyers and REO Speedwagon.

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