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MoonDance Botanicals introduces Ritual Tea, a monthly tea program

Ritual Tea from MoonDance Botanicals
Ritual Tea from MoonDance Botanicals
Photo courtesy of MoonDance Botanicals

Of the many rituals people incorporate into their lives, tea time has to be one of the most popular. Whether it’s a morning pick-me-up, a calming cup in the evening or an afternoon tea with friends, the act of making and sipping tea is one celebrated worldwide.

Denver, Colo. based MoonDance Botanicals is making it even easier to enjoy that ritual with its new monthly tea program called Ritual Tea. Jumping off of an existing Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) program, where every month members receive a bag full of seasonal herbal goods, MoonDance has launched a line of monthly healing herbal teas handcrafted for the current season.

'As herbalists at MoonDance, we work in concert with the seasons, the moon's phase and movements,' explains Ritual Tea co-creator, Chris Muchow. 'We try to stay mindful of these as we move through the year, often timing our activities with an appropriate influence. Therefore, it makes sense to us to create herbal tea blends which are reflective of the moon's movement through the sky.'

The Ritual Tea program is a kind of tea of the month club designed around this concept. Each month, MoonDance develops a custom herbal tea blend focused on the significance of the new and full moon. Members of the Ritual Tea community receive two 1-ounce tea blends. Each blend is accompanied by monthly contemplations and a short meditation to use while the tea is steeping.

In addition, MoonDance created a Ritual Tea starter kit to include a handmade tea cup crafted by local artisan Chloe from LionFire Arts. Chloe is a ceramics and sculpture artist working with clay, concrete, plaster, glass and stone, and she crafted a unique tea cup specifically for the Ritual Tea program.

The Ritual Tea starter kit is $25, and the monthly tea service is $20 per month or $18 per month for MoonDance’s existing CSH members. MoonDance also offers a 10% discount for advance payment for 6 or 12 months of the program.

To find out more about the Ritual Tea program or to sign up, visit the MoonDance Botanicals location at 601 Corona Street, Denver, CO 80218, or call the store at 303-263-7275.

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