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Mooncrusher’s Earth shattering showcase at Phil’s Radiator

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PUEBLO, Colo.—Mooncrusher reached for the stars at Phil’s Radiator, on May 24. They were the opening act, along with Divi_der and Despicable Dialects. JE Double F was the direct support and Creep Status was the headliner.

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Michael Moore is the drummer and vocalist, Josh Austin is the guitarist and vocalist and Greg Mullinex is the guitarist and provides the noise for Mooncrusher.

Austin’s guitar screeched through the monitors and a pre-recorded unclear voice accompanied it, during “Intro”. The voice came from an electronic device lying on the ground, as it rested near his foot. As both sounds were heard—he introduced Mooncrusher to the crowd, acknowledged the venue and the musical acts on the bill with them. Moore struck his cymbals with rapid strikes; Austin raised his guitar over his head and played it in a vertical position.

After the “Intro” was completed, Mooncrusher followed with “Decrepit”. During the song, a circle pit formed and it caused some to evacuate the area. After everything had subsided—Austin picked up a pitcher, raised it to the audience, received a toast back, drank from it and allowed his guitar to screech out of the monitors and into “Unrest”.

More spectators moved closer to the stage, as Mooncrusher continued with “Unrest”. One stood right across from Austin and sang along. As Mullinex let his guitar hang from his neck, he bent down and manipulated the sound from his guitar modulation pedal. Shortly after, Moore struck his cymbals and assisted Austin with the backup vocals. Onlookers head banged with the music, while others raised their fists in the air. Throughout the song—Mullinex continued to manipulate the sound with his guitar modulation pedal.

As Mooncrusher had done prior, they did not allow silence to populate the venue between songs. Screeches from Austin and Mullinex’s instruments echoed throughout. As Moore joined them for “Crowley”, Moore began the song by providing the first set of lyrics. Afterwards, Austin provided the lyrics and Moore drummed. He went onto later accompany Austin on the vocals, as the song continued on.

Moore led the way, as Mooncrusher ended their recital with “The Woman on the Beast”. Austin picked up his guitar pick from an amp and joined him and Mullinex. As Austin thanked the crowd one last time, the crowd shouted their approval and the band’s name.

“Unwell”, “Cadaver” and “Untitled” and were also part of Mooncrusher’s set.