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Moon Boy: review and recommendation

This review and recommendation is about Moon Boy. It is by Lee YoungYou. It is released by Ice Kunion and Yen Press in the USA. It is a 9 volume series, but only seven have been released here.

cover of volume 1

It’s about a girl named Myung-Ee. She is an Earth Rabbit. What is an Earth Rabbit? No, its not the little fluffy rabbits you find in the wild or in a pet store. They are a race of people from the Earth Moon, who after an attack from the Fox tribe escaped to Earth and blended in with humans so well that they lost all their powers. The main characteristic at knowing if someone is an Earth rabbit is their eyes. They are always irritated which cause them to cry at moments when they don’t feel the emotional compulsion to cry. This story starts with Myung-Ee talking to her best friend about boys on her way to school. She meets a boy named Yu-Da Lee. They seem to have something in common with their eyes although they do not realize that the are part of a dying race of peoples. Until the boy she has a crush on tells her. This boy just so happens to be a member of the Fox tribe. She gets away, but later on Yu-Da disappears and no one seems to remember him.

About six years later, she transfers into a new school, because of the rumor of the school ‘producing’ extremely cute boys. On her first day she meets someone who looks and has the same name as Yu-Da. But he doesn’t remember her. What happens next? You’ll have to read to find out!

This series is recommended for Teens and older. It has some violence and slight sexual content. This particular series is technically manwha (Korean comics) which traditional format is left to right. This series is shoujo for the most part, because of all the drama, humor, and slight soap opera situations. Some scenes are slightly immature, but that’s what you get when the character starts out as a 10 year old and then after a time skip she’s 15-16 years old. Not much changes in how some characters act in span of time.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this series at your local PPLD, but only the first volume, and at any bookstore that sells manga. Think of it this way you can borrow the first volume at the library and if you like it you can by from the bookstore. Happy Reading!



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