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Mood enhancement through gardening

Gardens bring happiness and contentment.
Gardens bring happiness and contentment.
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Gardening is a joyful way to lift a mood. There's nothing better than getting your hands into rich garden soil and growing things. Whenever I'm feeling down or in a bad mood, gardening lifts my spirits. Even in bad weather, there's always garden planning to put me in a perky mood.

The health benefits of sunshine are many.

Lifting a mood is one of the best things gardening in the sun can do for you. In addition to altering your mood, sunshine in the garden has many other health benefits too.

Gardening gives people a real sense of accomplishment.

Here's a hobby that produces a tangible product, that can be seen and tasted. Your mood instantly lifts when biting into that first ripe tomato of the season. They don't sell these little mood enhancers in the store!

What else enhances a mood like being in shape?

Gardening is hard work and physical exercise. All that shoveling, weeding and hoeing will have you in shape in no time flat. What a great way to get in the mood for bikini season, or in my case, look average in a one piece.

Invite neighbors to garden and build a sense of community to enhance the mood.

Get together to plan and plant individual or community gardening projects. Chatting and bonding over gardening is an instant mood boost for all concerned.

Sharing gardening seeds and crops is a real bad mood buster.

Help out those less fortunate or simply stretch a dollar by pooling resources. Start a gardening tool sharing network to keep costs down. Remember how sharing always brightened your mood in Kindergarten? It feels pretty good as an adult too.

Get in a good mood instantly with the nutritional value of gardening.

No more worry about the preservatives and chemicals in the food. Gardening assures the family of the best quality food all the time. Any negative mood will be erased by the good nutrition of gardening.

Using natural compost to fertilize the garden gives a two way boost in mood.

Gardening with compost means no chemicals seeping into ground water. Compost gardening also brings recycling to a whole new level. Imagine all the waste avoided and put to good use. A bright new happy "doing the right thing for the environment" mood emerges when gardening with compost.

Teaching children gardening skills is one of the best mood lifters I know of.

It's great to watch their little faces glow with excitement at the first sign of life. Children need a sense of pride and accomplishment to keep their mood upbeat as well. So pass on the gardening tools and pass on the good mood today!

This article was previously published by this author on a closed Yahoo! property.

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