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Montreal street style: Fashion dominates the plateau even in the winter


Michael K. | Age 27 | Mtl. Viking.

Your style in five words or less.

Euro, Clean, Modern, Comfy, Badass.


Your lifestyle in five words or less.

Eclectic, Artsy, Loud, Pensive, and Global.


What were you for Halloween?

I'm pretty sure I wore a viking hat at one point in the night. Does that count?


Favorite Movie.



Who is on your music radar?

Dave Lafontaine, Hatchmatik, Metric, Jill Scott, Jay-Z's black album, Mr.Scruff, Albarosi, Jazzanova, Ariane Moffat, Quantic.


Favorite Book.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


What/who inspires your style?

My sister has always had wicked style, and influenced much of my outfits. So, mine's pretty much a mash-up between her snazzy taste, Montreal (what better muse to have?), and a little exposure to European styles.


Favorite Montreal neighborhood.



What is your favorite hidden Montreal treasure?

George from Souvlaki George in N.D.G.


Where are you going right now?

Smoke break. Grabbing a coffee with a friend, and comparing notes on life.