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Montreal police officer disciplined after picture leaks: Aftermath on video

A Montreal law enforcement official is facing discipline after a photo leaked on Twitter this week. The Globe and Mail reported on May 29 that a police officer for Montreal was photographed inside his cruiser with a woman in his lap. It was a passerby that took the photo according to CTV News, and then posted it to Twitter.

Montreal police officer caught with woman in cruiser
Cvbeswick via Twitter

The passerby, 19-year-old Leila Saad told CTV that she witnessed a police cruiser parked on Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal. When she got closer, she took the picture and submitted it to Twitter. Saad's camera did not include the entire cruiser, so identifying details such as the cruiser number or plate were not shown in the photo. Montreal police and news outlets were sharing the photo on Twitter on Wednesday May 28 in search of more information behind the photograph.

Leila Saad was contacted for more information on the photograph. The photograph showed the police officer in his cruiser with a woman in his lap, reportedly fully clothed. The officer was tracked down on Wednesday and called in to meet his commanding officer.

Spokesperson Command Ian Lafreniere told the Globe and Mail that the police officer in question will face sanctions. The Globe and Mail also reports that Ian Lafreniere stated that "no sexual act occurred". Even so, the police officer faces disciplinary action including a possible suspension once the investigation is complete.

Ian Lafreniere has also been reported as saying his initial reaction to the photo was that it was fake. The graininess of the photo suggested to him that the photo was not real, as the photo did not have any date or time stamps when it was submitted.Ian Lafreniere also said, "For us, this is completely unacceptable."

The Montreal police are investigating the incident, and also seeking to discover where the partner to the officer in question was located at the time the photograph was taken. Ian Lafreniere wants the people of Montreal to know that, "We take this seriously. A lot of police officers are not happy now because it's extremely bad for their job, their professionalism. This is not all the force. This is not the way officers are working in Montreal. This is one case."

Do you believe the commanding officer? Is this just one isolated case?

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