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Montreal bus schedules: Guidelines only

Montreal Municipal Low Rider Bus
Montreal Municipal Low Rider Bus

Ever stand at a Montreal bus stop, checking your watch and wondering when the next people mover will mosey on by? Well according to Marianne Rouette, spokesperson for the STM, the posted bus schedules are simply meant to give riders an "indication" of when the bus is supposed to arrive. There are many mitigating factors that can influence the actual arrival time such as weather and traffic.

Fair enough, but please explain to me why, usually in the morning, there are two and sometimes three number 24 buses back to back on Sherbrooke St. downtown - the first is full and the other two are empty. Sounds like there's a management problem at the STM if they can't solve such a simple problem. The folks in Laval have installed GPS systems in all their buses which allows them to provide a vast array of schedule related services that apparently won't be possible, again according to Ms. Rouette, until 2013 at the earliest.

It's therefore no surprise that nearly two thirds of all complaints lodged with STM are bus related with the majority of those having to do with service.What I personally fail to understand are the delays that occur in off hours. It's one thing for buses to get caught in traffic, but an entirely other matter when the midnight bus doesn't show up at all. Makes you wonder who's taking a cat nap at the depot...


  • Kyla Matton - Mtl Parenting & Ed Examiner 5 years ago

    I`ve got to agree that the problem seems often to be a management issue when it comes to bus schedules. And certain bus routes are plagued with this issue, much more than others.

    Problems relating to extreme overcrowding in some buses - even during off hours - are another complaint. Again, it`s as though the STM has difficulty figuring out the timing & demand.

    I spent some time on the Laval transit over the summer, and I`ve got to say they are very well organized! Terminals are also very clean, and employees very polite & helpful. On the whole, they seemed much more professional than the STM - without needing any giant TV screens!

  • Ian 5 years ago

    I think it was 20 year ago when I saw posted arrival times for buses, at each bus stop. And the buses arrived on schedule! It was in London England.

    I was amazed andsaid to myself, that's a good idea, why don't we have that in Montreal.

    20 years later and we have the posted signs, just no service to go with it!


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