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Montreal bus schedules: Guidelines only

Montreal Municipal Low Rider Bus
Montreal Municipal Low Rider Bus


  • Kyla Matton - Mtl Parenting & Ed Examiner 6 years ago

    I`ve got to agree that the problem seems often to be a management issue when it comes to bus schedules. And certain bus routes are plagued with this issue, much more than others.

    Problems relating to extreme overcrowding in some buses - even during off hours - are another complaint. Again, it`s as though the STM has difficulty figuring out the timing & demand.

    I spent some time on the Laval transit over the summer, and I`ve got to say they are very well organized! Terminals are also very clean, and employees very polite & helpful. On the whole, they seemed much more professional than the STM - without needing any giant TV screens!

  • Ian 6 years ago

    I think it was 20 year ago when I saw posted arrival times for buses, at each bus stop. And the buses arrived on schedule! It was in London England.

    I was amazed andsaid to myself, that's a good idea, why don't we have that in Montreal.

    20 years later and we have the posted signs, just no service to go with it!


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