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Montpelier to rewrite zoning ordinances

I stumbled across this little tidbit that's probably going to be a huge deal that could impact many, many Montpelierites.

City Manager William Fraser, in his weekly report, wrote:

Brandy Saxton, of PlaceSense, was approved by the Council on March 19th to work with the Planning Commission on the process to rewrite and modernize the City's zoning ordinance. She attended the Planning Commission meeting this Monday and outlined a schedule for them to have a final draft ready for consideration by the Council by the end of the calendar year. The Planning Commission voted to adopt this schedule. That schedule is attached to this memo. There are two upcoming Planning Commission meetings that may be of interest to the Council and the public:

On April 28th, Brandy will present the technical review to the Planning Commission. This matrix will outline the goals of the master plan as compared to the currently adopted zoning and the current draft zoning. It will outline the key policy decisions that need to be made and will give the Planning Commission a chance to weigh in on these before drafting starts.

On May 12th, Brandy will make a formal presentation on this matrix and the Commission will allow time for public questions and comments.

If I'm not mistaken this rezoning issue was a sticking point with the former Planning Director Gwendolyn Hallsmith. Now that she's out of the way, it appears things are moving forward. Now the question is whether it will be a good thing or a bad thing.

Some of the people on the Planning Commission own lots of property in Montpelier, so this one might be worth watching.

If anyone wants to attend some Planning Commission meetings and follow this one more closely than I can, please contact me at

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