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Montpelier City Councilor Timpone not running for reelection

City Councilor Angela Timpone at a rally to keep biomass project alive
City Councilor Angela Timpone at a rally to keep biomass project alive
Keith Vance

After serving just one term in City Hall, District 3 City Councilor Angela Timpone is walking away.

At Wednesday's meeting, Timpone said that she will not run for reelection on Town Meeting Day when her two-year term expires.

Timpone is now working full-time as a union organizer for the American Federation of Teachers.

Her labor organizing work, she said Thursday, is "really important and I need to focus on that."

Timpone has often been frustrated with the City Council that began last March, and that exasperation was on-display Wednesday when discussing the city's fiscal year 2014 budget.

City Councilor Thierry Guerlain inveighed against budget and tax rate increases on Wednesday, as he does quite frequently.

But, Timpone said, there is no mandate to cut services in order to drive down the tax rate.

Every year on Town Meeting Day, she said, Montpelier voters overwhelmingly pass the city's budget.

Even for people she's spoken with who have difficulty paying their property tax bill, Timpone said, they also don't want to cut services in order to lower tax rates.

People understand that city services cost money, she said.

Her absence on the City Council will likely not be missed by some members of the council, Timpone said while gesturing towards Guerlain.

Her departure from the ranks of local elected officials may only be temporary. "It doesn't mean that I'm not coming back," she said Thursday.

The City Council has only two women on it now, including Timpone and Anne Watson.

"I'm really hoping that a woman steps up," Timpone said Thursday.

Watson was appointed by the City Council to complete Sarah Jarvis' term after she was required to resign after she moved out of her represented district. Watson is up for reelection in March, as is City Councilor Tom Golonka.

Watson said Thursday that she is running.

To run for City Council, candidates must live in the district they seek to represent and gather 25 signatures from registered voters in that district. Petitions must be submitted to the city clerk not less than 30 days and no more than 40 days before Town Meeting Day or March 5.


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