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Months of July and August fly fishing calendar

Summer fly fishing can be hot in more ways that air temperatures. It won't be long before the kings start running up the Salmon River!
Summer fly fishing can be hot in more ways that air temperatures. It won't be long before the kings start running up the Salmon River!
George O'Brien / Douglaston Salmon Run

Fly fishing events are cyclical. In the beginning of each year, they consist mainly of monthly fly fishing club / chapter meetings and fly tying events. As spring approaches, they increase in frequency and variety. Angler attendance is always good this time of year as the traditional opening of the season looms. But then things taper off. Spring turns to summer and summer brings vacation. Schedules tighten up and attendance falls off. And fly fishing chapters typically cut back on events as a result.

Regardless of the summer events doldrums, there are still some things going on. Because of the summer downturn, this calendar update will cover both July and August, but will be updated as new events come up:

  • Please note that the date for the BC Flyfishers private pond fishing event has been changed. Originally scheduled for Tuesday, July 8th, this event has been rescheduled for Thursday, July 10th due to weather. Meet at 6:00 pm at the Dollar General in the Town of Maine. In order to go, you must email John Trainor and be put on the list. The event is open to the first 8 people to sign up and IFFF members have first choice. This is a great opportunity to catch sunfish, bass, crappie, and yellow perch.
  • A&G Outfitters of Dickson City, PA, will continue to hold Orvis Fly Fishing 101. This event is held at the shop and is free. It is specifically designed for beginners and novice fly fishers. Contact the fly shop at 570-489-1650570-489-1650 for more information. They also have a Savage River Trip scheduled TBA.
  • The Beaverkill Anglers Fly Shop in Roscoe, NY, will also be holding Orvis Fly Fishing 101 on Saturdays and Sundays this summer. The Beaverkill Angler is also offering a "Summer School" fly tying course starting on Saturday, July 19th. The course will consist of 3 classes and over 9 hours of instruction. If you take this summer course you will learn the basic skills you need and can spend the whole winter tying flies for the next season! Contact the fly shop at 607-498-5194607-498-5194 to register for either of these fly fishing classes in the beautiful Catskills.
  • The Twin Tiers, Five Rivers chapter of IFFF is hosting a Chemung River float trip on Saturday, July 19. Sign up for this event is required and participants should bring a canoe, kayak, or boat, although canoe rental is available. Lunch will be provided for this great float on a beautiful river. Contact Kirk Klingensmith at 607-346-7189607-346-7189 or Gene Nowlan at 607-936-3988607-936-3988 for more information.
  • A&G Outfitters will also feature Todd Dellucia - Musky Master - on Saturday, August 23 @ 9am. Todd is the maestro of everything toothy. Throughout the day the event will feature: a slideshow and tying presentations, raffles, prizes and giveaways, special pricing on all inventory, and $5 all-you-can-eat food and refreshments.
  • The Douglaston Salmon Run is hosting a two day seminar on fishing the early king salmon run on August 29, 30, and 31. Stay 2 nights at one of the DSR’s luxurious lodges and enjoy 2 mornings of guided instruction on the pristine waters of the Douglaston Salmon Run! All tackle is provided - participants supply waders, sunglasses and enthusiasm! Call George O’Brien@ 315-529-3585315-529-3585 to register! Go to for more information.
  • Al Hazard TU has no planned events in July or August - a traditional summer break for the chapter. Monthly meetings will pick up again in September.
  • BC Flyfishers will continue to schedule monthly fly fishing events. There will most likely be another event in late July provided the warmwater rivers drop and clear, and one to two events in August, so stay tuned!

Summer can make for great fly fishing and even better memories on the water. Look here for more updates to this schedule of summer events.


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