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Monthly parking passes are back at the Logan Square "el"


Monthly parking pass notice at the Logan Square/Emmett St. lot

Since January 1 of this year and the advent and implementation of the parking meter lease deal in Chicago, monthly parking passes have not been available for the Emmett Street parking lot near the Logan Square "el" station (see more on the Emmett Street lot over at Peopling Places) . On January 2, I even saw parking tickets on the car share cars parked in the lot, though that kink appears to have been worked out quickly enough.

As of August 1 though, monthly passes are back.

Presently, passes are available for purchase in person with an application and check or money order at the 35th Ward community service office, 2710 N. Sawyer Avenue. Passes may also be purchased in person with cash at the Millenium Park/East Monroe Garage office off Columbus Drive or by mail with check or money order (but you'll need an application first).

As it's set up now, monthly passes are only available one month at a time, but may be purchased up to 20 days in advance of the start of each month. Eventually, the plan is to make the passes available for purchase through a pay box at the lot.

There are a limited number of passes available, and they'll be sold first come, first served.

The price of the monthly pass has gone up to $65, but that's still quite a deal. With daytime parking at $1 an hour, if you work an eight-hour day, five days a week along Milwaukee Avenue, regular rates would cost approximately $172 a month. If you commute and account for transit time, regular rates would cost $195 or more a month.