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Montgomery Plaza Chick-fil-a: The future of green fast food

In Montgomery Plaza, there is a Chick-fil-a. But it is not like your ordinary Chick-fil-a. Granted, it does still stress fantastic food and fantastic service for fast food prices (most of the time), and still boasts one of the best workplace environments in the quick service industry. The author himself worked a Chick-fil-a for 6 years before he graduated from North Texas, and possesses nothing but fond memories of his tenure there. You will need to ask him personally what working there was like.

He never worked at the Chick-fil-a: Montgomery Plaza FSU, but when it opened, rumors were already circulating about how incredible it was. His manager called it “a technological wonder” after taking a tour of the new kitchen facilities.

But why should a fast food store garner so much interest to warrant an article written about it in a page intended for living green?

The reason.

Because it is the first Chick-fil-a franchise to be LEED gold certified as a part of the corporation’s initiative to become faithful stewards of the environment as well as to its guests. Built back in 2012, the restaurant automatically received high critiques from local food watchers for its quality of service, food, and the huge steps it took in stressing environmental cleanliness in its building and maintenance.

It has been two years now since the restaurant was built, and the author has never been to this location. With talks going around the city about getting rid of the shopping center at Montgomery Plaza, this does color him worried about the future of the store. Stay tuned. A review of the restaurant is forthcoming.

Check out the press release from Chick-fil-a concerning the store here.

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