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Monterey Unified schools have a new supe

Monterey government
Monterey government

After 18 months of looking for just the right match, the boards and community members found PK Diffenbaugh, who is described as "ethical, admired, respected."

Those three words mean a lot to parents in Monterey schools because sadly the community has lost a lot of confidence in their governing officials in the light, or more like the darkness of scandal with police chiefs in Pacific Grove and King City, and water managers in Marina.

Mr. Diffenbaugh is relatively young for this position, which comes with a three year contract, at 37 years old and who was also raised in close by Watsonville, California.

There are plenty of issues to be delved into for the new superintendent from upgrading old infrastructure to teacher pay and more importantly teacher treatment. I think the entire school district suffers from low morale on the whole, and needs an injection of positive, can-do energy.

With hopes for good policy for students in Monterey, let's hope that parents, community members and leaders don't put Mr. Diffenbaugh under too close of a microscope, looking for his failings, and lose track of the much needed goal of bolstering the education system in Monterey.

With charter school background in Mexico, and an upbringing in nearby Watsonville, Diffenbaugh, sounds like the person to help students get back on track for the arduous task of entering the 21st century with a combination of strong academic training, and good communication skills in this challenging "social media" environment.

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