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Monterey county is a great place to be a chowder-head

The Lodge at Pebble Beach ...
The Lodge at Pebble Beach ...

I think of chowder as Irish soul food. So happy as a clam was I at the notion of chasing down all the chowder I could find in The Monterey Bay area. ( I have not completed this assignment to date, as this county is over run by those little guys)


I recommend you take an excursion with me to the Monterey Wharf for starters, where one restaurant after another does what they can to entice you to try a sample of “The BEST” chowder in Monterey ~ By the time you have sampled them all you will be more confused than ever!

See slide show of the restaurants on the wharf, and tell me which one you chose to be “the BEST”

I chose Albonetti's as my favorite. though In Carmel, my top choice chowder is at A.W. Shucks on Ocean.


And in Pacific Grove, I chose The Lodge at Pebble Beach, which has chowder with a trillion dollar view.

I had a chance to get the inside story on the Restaurant scene there, when the Friends of the Monterey Symphony had their pre-concert luncheon last week. (I will fill you in on that experience before I head over to the Pebble Beach Food and Wine April 8-11) Friends will also have a Clam Chowder Beach Party June 15th  ~ I'm there!

And let's not forget the Monterey Fish House, always at the top of my list, on Del Monte by the Naval Academy...No view  here,  but if you love the company you keep, you won't notice it is missing~ so take a loved one!

Note to all chowder-heads, Wiktionary informs us that  this term was quoted as early as "# 1943: (published 1990) John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Paul Fussell ed.), The Norton Book of Modern War [1] Something has happened to Squadron Air Mail-none has come in for the last two weeks. Some chowder-head sent it to the wrong island."
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  • hershe59 5 years ago

    I miss eating chowder with you in Port Jeff!

  • Kirsti 5 years ago

    Gorgeous views at Pebble Beach! Don't forget to come check out the chowder here in Santa Cruz, too! Thanks for the great tips!

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