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Monterey County Gamers seeks community

Where are all the gamers in Monterey County? If the sales reports from last year's holiday season are to be believed, then there should be a host of gamers responsible for the store-clearing shopping sprees. 

While the Central Coast isn't known especially for its video game exploits -- Sunnyvale and Los Angeles run away with that prize -- some have joined together to start a discussion group on Facebook. 

The Monterey County Gamers welcomes anyone who wants to discuss, trade, and play video games. The group is small numbering 15 members, but the Facebook page started less than a month ago and hopes to expand with planned events. 

"This group is good for us gamers. I wish there was a place we could have game events or lan parties," David Perez said on the page. 

As arcades dwindle throughout the country, there are fewer places for gamers to meet and play together. Stores like Hollywood Video's Game Crazy give players an outlet to talk shop and test games on the floor, but the presence of a dedicated community that encompasses a burgeoning niche remains veiled.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sales hit the $3 billion mark this month with gamer clans sprouting up seeking skilled players for multiplayer romps. Feedback from the MCG Facebook page shows that gamers in the area are following suit. Several requests on the Wall portion of the page show players actively recruiting others for multiplayer play.

"I would really like to get a clan going with local guys or girls. I play online with my son and a few other local friends but would like to have a full squad," Jesse Arroyo posted on a discussion concerning the video game scene in Monterey County. Will the gamers of Monterey County please stand up? Arroyo just might get his wish.


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