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Monterey, CA

Monterey is a great location for a romantic weekend away. It’s within driving distance from the Bay Area, the beaches and coast are beautiful, and there are plenty of hotels and activities to make your getaway memorable.

If you are going to Monterey, you have to check out the big three attractions: the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, and Fisherman’s Wharf. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is world renown and has revolving exhibits as well as fan favorites; the jellyfish and seahorse exhibits are not to be missed. Cannery row leads to the Aquarium and has shops, food and souvenirs for sale. Fisherman’s Wharf is a great place to find fishing, sailing, glass bottom, or whale watching boat tours of the bay.

Whale watching season is almost year round, but if you are interested in seeing a specific type of whale or dolphin, it’s best to check the Monterey Bay Whale Watching website before you go. There are also many different types of birds that call Monterey home, at least some of the year, and bird watching can be spectacular.

Hiking, kayaking and scuba diving are all popular activities in the area as well. Hiking guides can be found on the City of Monterey’s website or in local shops. Kayaking and scuba diving are another unique way to explore the unique underwater ecosystem of the Monterey Bay.

Food and drink is plentiful and you can get great seafood almost anywhere because it is so fresh. Cannery Row Brewing Company boasts 73 beers on tap, many of which are local to the area. If you can make it over to Alvarado Street, check out Red’s Donuts which has been in operation since 1950 and made fresh daily.

Romantic escapes don’t always have to be about staying in the hotel room. Sprinkling in unique experiences and good fresh, local food will make the romantic getaway more memorable. Doing things that are different than your normal routine will help spice up any romantic vacation.

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