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Monterey & Bay Area Photo Gatherings and Resources


Are you interested in getting together with fellow photographers but don't know where to look?  For new and seasoned photographers, being around people who love photography as much as you do and can not only teach you new things, give you perspectives on how to view the same scene, or just have fun with can be a stimulating and insightful experience.

What if you're looking to take some classes about photography or a particular facet of photography, such as portraiture, but don't have the time to enroll in a community college?  There are tons of resources also for that!

In Campbell, there are some workshops being given at San Jose Camera and Video.  You can register for a class at  The classes are usually about $75, but they're nice if you're looking to get a workshop or class in once in a while.  The next class is being offered on February 24.

For those looking for groups to do photos with, is a great resource to find groups in your area that are doing a variety of photography shoots.  For example, the group Bay Area Photographers is doing a Yosemite Day Trip on February 18.  Though the meetup is booked, there is a waiting list, which if it gets enough people on it, they'll add another carpool vehicle for folks that would like to do so.  On February 28, there will be a meetup at the Elizabeth Gamble Gardens in Palo Alto at 2pm.  This group accepts people of all levels, shooting either film or digital, so if this group sounds like something you'd like to join, sign up on and join the group, so you can start going out on photoshoots with people!

Here are some other venues coming up that might be of interest:

  • Bird Photography for Beginners - San Francisco Bay Area, March 6, 2010 ~ ~ $129
  • Hummingbirds of the Santa Cruz Mountains - Santa Cruz Mountains, Los Gatos, July 2010 ~ ~ $375
  • Nikonians Academy - You can see a variety of workshops, about $895, currently for Big Sur and San Francisco.
  • Flickr - There are many groups already on this site, and many people do meetups in their respective areas, genres, and styles that you can easily join in on and meet some amazing artists!

So get on out there, find a group, meet some new people, and start capturing Monterey and the surrounding Bay Area!


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