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Montelvini Venegazzu Prosecco complements spring hiking

Montelvini Venegazzu Prosecco compliments spring hiking
Diane Letulle

When we think of wine pairing, it's usually about food. But sometimes, it's an activity you need a good wine to go with.

As the spring slowly makes its way to the New York City area, local walking and hiking trails call to outdoors lovers. With cherry blossoms on the limbs and daffodils adding splashes of yellow to the most humble patches of grass, a good walk is what most of us need as the weather warms.

On a recent spring Saturday, my friend and I took a bottle of Montelvini Venegazzu Prosecco onto a New York City area hiking trail. Walking among the budding birches, we decided to stop at a scenic lookout, whereupon we opened this bubbly delight from the Veneto.

The Serena family has made wine since 1881, a tradition that now has spanned five generations. In 1969 Armando Serena, chairman of Montelvini, bought an estate in Venegazzù and built a new winery. This Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and has a bouquet of acacia flowers and flavor profile with apples and stone fruits. Over the years, Montelvini wines have been awarded in Italy and abroad.

Drinking the Prosecco in the fresh spring air, we couldn't help but feel that this DOCG wine, awarded Italy's highest quality designation, was the perfect pairing for spring's crisp air, blue skies, and hopeful mood.

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