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Montel Williams shares his health regimen on Rachel Ray

Montel Williams is passionate about his wisdom he has gained through experience of living with MS.
Montel Williams is passionate about his wisdom he has gained through experience of living with MS.
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Montel Williams has be an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis and brought everyone along with him on his journey to face MS head-on since his diagnosis 14 years ago. He has written several books including his most recent one - Living Well Emotionally, he has health products such as the Montel Williams Health Master blender and he always shares his personal experiences. His recent visit on the Rachel Ray show is one many hopefully viewed, because no matter if you are facing a disease or disorder or not, Montel will motivate you to live healthy.

Montel recently visited the Rachel Ray's show
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How he coped with the diagnosis of MS
Doctors told Montel that he can’t exercise, that he can’t work and other predictions with his MS diagnosis, but Montel explained how he did not allow the doctors to slow him down. He said instead of giving up and preparing to be in a wheel chair he decided to make changes in his life to help him with wellness. He said “I decided instead of getting busy dying I got to get busy living.”

His regular exercise and diet regimen
Montel explains how he liquifies lots of his meals and basically only eats one cook meal a day. He gets lots of his fruits and veggies in by drinking them in his smoothie blends. He says eating lots of natural fruits and veggies helps him get large amounts of anti-oxidants. This helps him rid inflammation and feel better. He says he drinks lots of watermelon juice. He drinks green smoothies with a blend of berries, spinach, watermelon and other fruits. Montel says this is a great way to show your children how to enjoy veggies. Montel demonstrated his workout regimen with one machine; the Ab Blaster that he actually brought on Rachel’s set. He says he also snow boards.

Montel Williams speaks very passionately about handling MS with natural remedies and how we should all be our own advocate for our health no matter what health issue we may be facing. As Montel prepares to celebrate his 57th birthday he looks fit, he looks great and seems to have tons of energy. He really is a role model for us all in living healthy. If you are facing a serious illness follow Montel. He will help you to jump start a healthy way of life and not give up.

Watch clips from his visit on Rachel Ray’s show:

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NEW YORK, NY: Montel Williams attends the 'Now You See Me' New York Premiere at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on May 21, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

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