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Montana murder case: Psychiatrist states suspect fit for trial

A psychiatrist believes the suspect is fit to stand trial in the Montana murder case. Fox News reports on March 25 that Virginia Hill, a Montana psychiatrist, testified that Keith Spell’s disability should not prevent him from standing trial. Spell’s lawyers have argued that he has the mental capacity of a small child, and his disability should not be ignored by the court.

The suspect was accused of killing Sherry Arnold after trying to abduct her, and he was under the influence of drugs during the attack. The defense lawyers have argued that Spell has a disability and should be placed in an institution. However, a psychiatrist disagreed with this assessment and shared that Spell is actually capable of manipulating over patients in an institution.

Some doctors who have met Spell believe he may be deliberately offering confusing answers to questions and pretending to be ignorant. Hill noted that Spell was capable of playing video games and was able to follow the process without issues. The psychiatrist pointed out that she observed the suspect to determine his mental capacity and shared that tests were not the only way to evaluate him.

Spell has pointed to Lester Van Waters Jr. as Arnold’s killer, and his lawyers argued that he did not murder the teacher. They claim that he has difficulty following the case or understanding the past, but a psychiatrist presented a different view on the suspect. Spell faces a potential death sentence if he is found guilty.

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