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Monstermainia is here

Time is up.No more waiting around, Monster Mainia is here. It's being held at the Crowne Pointe in Cherry Hill NJ. and it's huge. You can buy long since out of print movies, horror memorabilia and see some of the biggest names on stage and screen. By Sunday afternoon it will be all over.

Beverly Randolph

Not every movie idea gets made and that is where you can help Sal Nazzotta fund his budding project Hush Little Baby. It's a horror movie that is going to be shot in and around Bucks County. According to Nazzotta, "It has deep plots about a boy, Patrick Taft who is deranged. A car breaks down near where he lives and it gets messy". It'[s not a slasher movie that is predictable, he assured When you are there you can buy a hat or T shirt. If you have $25 thousand you can be in the movie and get killed off. Go here to make a donation or learn more if you cannot see them at Monster Mania.

Adam West and Burt Ward are there. The original Batman and Robin. Don't forget your wallet. It is free to say hello but autographs are $80.00 each for West and $50 each for Ward. Verne Troyer ( Mini-Me) from Austin Powers is there) . A lot of actors like Jeff Kober and Josh McDermitt from the Walking Dead were there. Kober , might also be recognized from Sons of Anarchy.Michael Berryman, was charging a very reasonable price for an autograph and a pic. In fact a lot of people wanted to give away free photos with if you bought an autograph.

At times the crowds were deep and at times there was no line. Some actors stopped to spend a few minutes with their fans such as Beverly Randolph, from return of the Living Dead. Her new project is a movie called No Solicitors. "It's where we live in the house and kill the door to door salesmen", she said. Unfortunately, you cannot hire her or her movie family to do this.

Entry for a day is $30.00 . you can come and go so it you want to leave to get something to eat, you can do that. Parking will be at a premium. Once inside , dealers can work prices with you especially if you have cash , sometimes. Some stuff is so rare that the price stands. For others it is a matter of if the vendor wants to haul it back after the show.

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