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Monster winter storm seen from space

Right now, much of the eastern half of the country is preparing for/is in the grip of a monster winter storm system that, in addition to huge snowfall totals, will bring record cold to many areas. Now, while those living in the projected to be hit areas are not exactly thinking about taking pictures, eyes in the skies are capturing some stunning images.

Whether from human or machine, the pictures are simply breathtaking.

Snapped from a weather-monitoring satellite, the winter storm system appears as a blanket of white covering most of the Eastern United States. The storm system formed when two weather systems, one from the South bringing the wet (snow up here) and another from Canada (bringing the bitter cold) merged into a single storm.

Needless to say, with the dozens of imaging satellites as well as astronauts in the International Space Station overhead, more images and videos of the converging storm systems will be hitting the Internet soon, so be sure to check on your favorite space and regular news websites for further updates and pictures.

Oh, yes, the Cleveland area forecast is calling for more snow today and into tonight, with air temperatures rapidly dropping throughout the afternoon and eventually bottoming out at around -15 degrees tonight. Expect strong wind and chills of up to -40 overnight. Tomorrow's forecast: snow tapering off, perhaps a few breaks of sun, and highs around 0.

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