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Monster waves in Europe beckon surfers worldwide: Killer wave carries woman away

Surf’s up, but not in a place where you’d expect to see such monster waves. It seems the winds from the polar vortex over the U.S. and the storm that covered the nation over the weekend are making their way across the Atlantic and providing some of the biggest waves seen on the shoreline in Spain and other countries in Europe, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday, Jan 8.

Monster waves in Europe are extremely dangerous, but beckon surfers worldwide.
YouTube screen shot reports: “The “Black Swell” has hit Europe with all its power.” While the surf’s up and the surfers worldwide are making their way to ride the monster waves, there is a flip side of danger to these waves.

A woman in Spain was carried out to the ocean by a giant wave. When a tidal surged crashed into Portugal, four people were injured. The tidal surge dragged dozens of cars out to sea. These waves are some of the most powerful on Earth today.

The waves are humongous in many places that aren’t usually big surfer destinations. The Irish coast has big waves enticing surfers to the Emerald Isle today. Surfers are flying in from as far away as the U.S. and Australia to catch a ride on these humongous waves in Ireland.

The waves are created by the storm Hercules that put much of the U.S. at a standstill. The weather that the U.S. had over the weekend is heading across the Atlantic and causing these monster waves in France, England, Ireland, Spain and Portugal today.

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