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Monster snowstorm rolling in: Nor'easter to hit New England and NYC

Nor'easter rolling in for Tuesday and Wednesday for New England and NYC.
Nor'easter rolling in for Tuesday and Wednesday for New England and NYC.
Wikimedia Commons

A monster Nor’easter is taking aim at the northeast for Tuesday and it is predicted to continue through Wednesday. So far the weather models agree that a rare spring snowstorm is due to blow into the New England, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Sunday morning, March 23.

Forecasters are honing in on the exact track, as this will determine how much snow will blanket the cities from New York to Maine on Tuesday and Wednesday. According to the AccuWeather on March 23, this storm is expected to gain massive strength before hitting eastern New England and all the way north to Nova Scotia.

Along with snow comes the wind and colder temperatures in the upper 20s and lower 30s. This storm has the potential to bring snow to the Carolina’s as well as traveling up the coast to Maine. Expect to hear of delays and closings as this storm nears.

Current models have Long Island and southeastern Connecticut bearing the brunt of the storm, but even a slight change in the models could put move the wrath of this storm more inland. The low-pressure headed towards the Northeast will rapidly deepen and possibly start as rain on Tuesday, but turning over to snow by sundown.

So far snow predictions range from six inches to over a foot, again depending where this storm tracks.

According to NECN live on Sunday morning, there have been a lot of snow events on Wednesdays this winter season and ironically this is when the brunt of this storm is expected, on Wednesday. NECN predicts that the major force of this storm will stay out at sea, making this a coastal event for New England.

Cape Cod and the islands will get hit hard with this coastal storm. New York City predictions are still up in the air, as there is a sharp cut-off of this storm. Forecasters will get a better handle on where that will be as the storm nears the area.

The good news is that it is spring, so the snow that falls will not be hanging around too long as the days are expected to get warmer!

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