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Monster rat killed in family's kitchen: Terrorized family and cat in Sweden

'Rat from hell" caught in Sweden, the rat terrorized the family cat!
'Rat from hell" caught in Sweden, the rat terrorized the family cat!
Facebook/Justus Bengtsson-Korsas

This is the stuff nightmares are made out of, as a family finds a rat the size of a dog in their kitchen. The rat showed up in the kitchen, terrorizing the family who jumped on chairs. The family cat was left “terrorized for a week," according to Fox News on March 28.

The creature was dubbed “The Rat from Hell,” and you can see why by just looking at the picture above. The thing is huge. This rat was found in a home in the suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. The rat crawled into the kitchen of the family’s home through a hole coming up from the cellar.

The first in the family to spot the monster rat was Signe Bengtsson. She told the media she couldn’t help herself when first seeing the rat. She did the “classic” reflex of screaming and then jumping on top of the table to get away from its reach.

Apparently the husband didn’t believe his wife’s description of the rat, until it showed its ugly face. Erik Korsas spoke with Fox News and said that he won’t doubt his wife again.

From nose to claws the rat measured 15 inches. It was too big for the spring-loaded rat traps to kill, so an exterminator brought in special giant rat traps. While the urban myths from America tell of rats the size of small dogs in NYC, Korsas didn’t think that was possible, until now.

The youngest child in the house nicknamed the rat a “Putin Rat.” This had nothing to do with looks, it is because the rat invaded their home. The "Ratzilla," as they called it, may not be the only one in their cellar, the exterminator informed the family.

Where there is one rat, there is more. What did this rat get into steroids? The thing is massive and so scary looking. The family patched the hole coming up from the cellar, so hopefully they won’t get another “rat from hell” dropping in for a visit.

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