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Monster of the Week: Reptilians

The mythology (or cryptozoology) related to the creature loosely categorized as “reptilian” (other names include reptoids, draconians, lizard men, and reptilians) has blossomed through the decades, with the creature beginning as an evolved dinosaur and expanding to extraterrestrial and shape-shifting aliens that have infiltrated human governments on Earth.

Sculpture of a human-like dinosuar or “dinosauroid.”
Dinosaur Museum, Dorchester

The idea of lizard men has been around for a very long time, and throughout the years fantasy and science fiction writers have taken advantage of these creatures to populate their tales. From Robert E. Howard’s snake people to the aliens on the television movies and series V, such creatures tap into the primitive emotions brought to the forefront when humans encounter reptiles.

One version of reptilians is known as the “dinosauroid.” Formulated by Dale Russell (curator of vertebrate fossils at the National Museum in Canada) in 1983, the dinosauroid is a bipedal, human-like reptile—an evolved dinosaur. Russell called the creature a “Troodon.” Although Russell meant his creature only as conjecture (a “thought experiment,” as he put it), many have since tapped into this concept and spawned further mythology about human-like reptiles.

As early as the 1960s (or perhaps even earlier), reptilian creatures have been encountered in so-called alien abduction cases. In 1967, Nebraska police officer Herbert Schirmer claims that he was abducted by humanoids with a slightly reptilian appearance. Since that time, there have been many such reported encounters, with reptilians either serving as allies or as the nemesis of other alien races. Some people call such alien reptiles “draconians,” believing their home realm is the two-planet star system of Alpha Draconis.

Expanding the mythology even further has been David Icky, a conspiracy theorist who believes that there are reptilian creatures who can morph into human form. Such creatures have murdered and replaced many top leaders in government positions to prepare the Earth for some future evolution.

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